At moorehype, we focus on creating well-written, engaging content that positions your book / your author as thought leaders at the forefront of storytelling. Our content marketing team works across different departments, internally and externally, to develop and deliver high quality, relevant content to support marketing campaigns and sales initiatives.

An opportunity in marketing a book isn't just a one one ticket to our social media feeds, but is integrated directly to a variety of important destinations, including festivals, reading series, podcasts, traditional media such as newspapers and magazines and literary journals, plus book clubs, book influencers and more. Working in Canadian books all year long we keep up to date with industry trends, competitors, and use methods that drive leads, earn results and contribute toward bringing your books the attention it needs to succeed.

We pride our selves on delivering great thinking and exceptional client service. From publicity campaign development to defining the author / book narrative, to strategic communications planning, our goal is to connect with the people who matter most to your book –with the right message, at the most crucial time in a book’s timeline: right now. moorehype is detail-oriented, accountable, and passionate operation who wake up in the morning thinking about book industry trends, author branding, and how effective strategizing resonates with and motivate reading audiences.

Danceland Diary by Dee Hobsbawn-Smith (Radiant Press)